Monday, May 25, 2009

To Dream A Dream...

I somehow found myself making the header you see above. I don't know if I will follow through on this blog or not, so I wouldn't bookmark it, but for now I thought I'd put this post here because it more than fits the title of the blog.

Susan Boyle is living "what dreams may come". It's obvious that singing is her passion and at age 47, she is finally able to get some recognition for her talent. I hope you have seen this woman, but if you haven't then please click this link to youtube and see her first appearance. You won't be sorry.

And then you can watch the video below and see her second appearance. Susan started off a little shaky, but I think she's been overwhelmed by all that has happened to her.. she deserves to be shaky. She soon found herself and sang to another standing ovation.

This is a case of a lady who waited a long time for her dream to come true.. but come true it certainly is!

My vote is for Susan Boyle to win over the pond, in England, and to get to live her dream for the rest of her life.

Susan Boyle is good for me. I constantly need to be reminded that sometimes dreams do come true.


Molly said...

Yes, Susan Boyle is good for a lot us.

I will be thinking about you as you make this move to Florida.

Chris said...

That's fantastic :) Good for her! She is amazing, isn't she!

DesLily said...

thank you Molly!

Chris I am really happy for her and I hope she wallows in fans and adjulations!

Robin said...

Susan Boyle is an inspiration. Good luck on your move!

Shanra said...

She has such a beautiful voice. She is an inspiration, as others have said.

(And I love that she seemed to keep her eyes open during the whole song.)

Go Susan!

(And shall be sending thoughts your way during your move!)

DesLily said...

Robin: I don't know about other people but every time I play her videos I smile inside knowing how they had her pegged as a weirdo nobody before she began to sing.. I love that she brought them all to their knees!

Shanra: I think it's because she has confidence in herself that she keeps her eyes open!

thank you both for the move wishes