Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22nd: In Your Town

I can hardly wait for the “cold weather” to begin down here in southern Florida.  I love when I can open my window at night and sleep with fresh air instead of air conditioning.

One of the things that I have found I love is the sound of the train horn when it passes about a mile up the street from me.  5:45 am… at times it sounds like it’s coming right thru my bedroom.. and yet other times it has a more distant haunting sound.

Below is the exact spot (in the town where I live) that it passes each day….




It comes from the South…


and goes to the North…


…and leaves me wondering just where it is going and what it is delivering somewhere beyond South Florida.

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Carmi Levy said...

I live in a railroad-festooned town. Tons of history here, and lots of streets and intersections are bisected by tracks and crossings. Motorists often get ticked off when they're late for work because of a passing train, but I've always taught our kids to enjoy the moments when they pass by. The sound is so resonant.

Just last night, I was walking the dog and the sound of a distant train was carried by the wind to our little neighborhood. I couldn't help but smile. Thanks for the reminder.