Monday, August 3, 2009


Once a day and sometimes more

You will knock upon my daydream door,

And I will invite you to "come right in,

I am glad you are here with me again."

Then we will sit and have a chat

Recalling this and remembering that,

Until some task that I must do

Forces me away from you -

Reluctantly, I will say goodbye

Smiling with a little sigh

For my daydreams that bring you near.

I wish that you really were here.

But that, what reality cannot change,

Dreams and wishes shall always arrange

And through my wishing, you will be brought

To me each day, a guest of mine in thought.


Chris said...

That's just beautiful Pat! Very touching.

Kathy said...

Lovely Pat. Gives me the feeling of ... a missed friend or loved one, but in a happy way.

DesLily said...

chris: it happens to us all..

kathy: thanks..and yes.. it's to all the good memories we have