Sunday, August 30, 2009

To Die For..

LIsa Snellings has done it again!

Has anyone else seen this poppet?...

(animation by DesLily)

Is this the greatest little thing or what?

I want one!

I already know her name and what she's reading!

Her name is Lilith and she's reading Kesterwood Forest (right Chris?!).

OMG, I mean this is tooo dang cute!

Everyone needs one!

Everyone can name their own and have them reading their favorite books!

I think you need to go to LIsa Snellings site and order yourself one..

..or two. heh.


Carl V. said...

That is fantastic, Pat! I love it! :)

Chris said...

That is so damn cute Pat!!! Why'd you have to tell me about MORE reading poppets :p Dammit...gonna have to buy one, lol.

Melanie said...

Grrr, more reading poppets to covet!! I've strategically pointed this one out to my husband... ;)

Anonymous said...
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